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Cucumbers & strawberries

Inspired by an episode from Brewdogs TV-series, where they brewed beer completely opposite from the German reinheitsgebot of 1516, I also want to replace water with cucumber juice.

Begun by making 3 liters of cucumber juice. With the added 1,05 kg of acacia honey I had a total of 3,8 liters (1 gallon), with a potential of 12,5 % ABV.  I used 10 g Mangrove jacks mead M05 yeast and nutrients from White labs (even if I probably didn’t need to bco the natural nutrients from the cucumbers). After fermentation, I will add juice from 800 g of strawberries. Lots of berries to counter the probably strong cucumber taste.

Didn’t trust the hydrometer, that said OG was 76. The honey alone should have given me more and the cucumbers contain 3 % sugar. The liquid was probably too thick. Going for 95. Anyway; heavy action already an hour after pitching the yeast.

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